Probate, Heir, and Genealogy Investigations

We offer multiple specific work products that serve the surplus funds legal community, which is also of use to the ancestry, and adoption reunion communities. Let us know what you need, and we will help you find the answers that you need.

Surplus Funds Investigation Services:

  • Prior Mortgage Holder/ Homeowner Locates
  • Surplus Funds Locates of former owners or next of kin
  • Lien Release Investigations
  • Probate Investigations
  • Immediate Heir Locations
  • Court-Ready Reporting Including Family Tree Preparation
  • Verification and/or Completion of Other Third-Party Genealogical Research
Probate Surplus Services

Ancestry and Adoption Reunion Investigation Services:

Shannon was adopted, and she as well as members of her team have fostered and adopted children into their homes. We are proud to say that we were awarded the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption award as an Adoption Advocate in this year’s Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace. Due to our personal histories, we are uniquely qualified to partner with you on your ancestry journey. Shannon found her entire maternal and paternal birth family, and she would be happy to share her story with you!

Put another contact form here so people can just hit get Shannon on the horn right now- maybe a text us directly at 818-478-7900??? If they can text me right then, that would limit the funnel time….

Probate Ancestry Services