Shannon Tulloss Investigations, since 1997

While our agency takes our investigative practice very seriously, we operate with a human-forward mindset. Our agency fosters a culture of using our personalities and strengths to best serve our community and clients, just like you do.

Shannon Tulloss Investigations opened in early 1997 after Shannon decided to step out on her own in business. This agency was built on tenacity, ongoing training, and espresso, and continues to be one of the leading woman-owned, multi-award-winning investigative agencies in the U.S.

As unique professionals, we leverage our creativity combined with our first-class earned access resources, which are both personal and data-driven, allowing us to deliver investigative insights that provide the foundation of sound decision-making for our clients.

A Full-Service Private Investigations Agency

Shannon Tulloss Investigations is a licensed full-service Private Investigations Agency with worldwide contacts located in both Los Angeles and Ventura, CA counties. We are owned and operated by Shannon Blair Tulloss, an award-winning California licensed private investigator with over 35 years of investigative experience. Shannon and her team provide discreet and professional investigative services serving both the legal and entertainment communities. Shannon Tulloss Investigations has experience handling every conceivable investigative pursuit. As a company, we are proud to have been chosen to partner with a diverse client base to strategically tailor investigations to suit the client’s specific needs. We are proud to count international and domestic brands, 501 C-3s, publishers, print and radio media, celebrities, cable and national networks, cruise lines, promotions agencies, legal counsel, and others internationally.

Shannon Tulloss: Award-Winning Private Investigator, Advocate, Speaker

Shannon Tulloss has served as Governor of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (C.A.L.I.– The Largest P.I. Professional Organization in the world). She is also a member of many professional associations and communities worldwide, including National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), the Southern California Fraud Investigator’s Association, (SCFIA), and the International Intelligence Network (Intellenet).

Shannon Tulloss

Professional Associations & Awards

Shannon Tulloss was voted the #1 Private Investigator by the Signal Newspaper for the Santa Clarita Valley, California for many consecutive years, including 2022, as well as a similar award from the voters of the Daily News, San Fernando Valley, CA.

In October 2022, Shannon Tulloss Investigations was named an Adoption Advocate in this year’s Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. This award means so much to Shannon since Shannon was adopted herself, and she and members of her team have adopted children into their own households.

Client Testimonials

Alex H.

I nearly partnered with a person who had such vile content online using an alternate identity, which would have hurt my business once our competitor put two and two together. I have no idea how you found what you found, but that’s why you are an expert in your field.

-Alex H.

 Sherri R.

Thank you for helping resolve my cold case. Without you, there would have never been a conviction of my sister’s murderer. I don’t have words that really say how much this means to me. But thank you so much.

– Sherri R.

Sal M.

I should have just stopped trying to find the answers that I needed online using public resources that charged me for useless reports. You are a godsend, and I will be forever grateful that your report helped me make an informed decision that saved me thousands of dollars and years of grief! Thank you!

G. O.

Without you, I wouldn’t have my granddaughter back! Having a missing child in my family is one of the worst things we have ever been through, and since her dad was hiding her, and the police wouldn’t help us, we are so grateful that you found her! Words are not enough. Thank you is not enough!

Amazing job!

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that you were the third investigator that we hired to locate these people, and you were the only one who got them to respond to our requests. Amazing job!


I wanted to let you know that because of your investigation, we did not put that influencer on contract with our brand, and thank God we didn’t! I mean, I don’t know how you do what you do, but you sure saved our bacon!