Intelligent Investigations

Why hire a seasoned, licensed professional investigator?

It is common to think that “everything is on the Internet”, but this is simply not true. Licensed private investigators have access to resources that the public does not. The public does not have access, because they should not have access. These resources are very powerful, and in the wrong hands, they could be very dangerous. Shannon says that she collects investigative resources like shoe enthusiasts add to their collections. Shannon is a resource enthusiast. Our resources are earned access only (we are backgrounded to receive approval for access), cutting-edge, up-to-the-minute current, and laser-focused accurate. Our analyst takes these data sets, reviews them for your specific assignment, and combines them into a concise format that you can easily understand and rely on. This is the difference between hiring a professional to provide accurate and reliable results and buying a cookie-cutter online desktop background check. We stand by our work product because we truly care about you and your matter. We have for over 25 years and have no plans to stop any time soon.

Worldwide Resources

In over 250 Countries and Territories, worldwide, we can assist you by providing:

  • International Criminal Checks
  • Domestic Criminal Checks
  • Negative Media Searches
  • Social Media Deep Dives
  • Fact-Checking of any set of intelligence: Personal and Professional.
  • Canvassing of any kind: Neighbors, Co-Workers, and Family.
  • Scene Investigations: Anywhere, if it happened there, we would document it for your records.
  • Asset Checks: If it’s legal to do so, we will uncover it for you.
  • Due Diligence: We will help you mitigate potential future losses by employing strategy and sound investigative techniques.
Intelligent Investigations