Specialized Backgrounding  & Vetting Services

Clients, Brand Ambassadors, talent and promotional finalists vetting that will tell you what you need to know so you can make an informed decision, avoiding potential PR nightmares.

Background Vetting Services
Intelligent Investigations

Intelligent Investigations

We leverage our over 30 years of investigative experience to provide you with the best possible results for you and your matter.

Consultation Services: The Most Important Step

We will consult with you to understand your matter, and why it matters to you. From there, we will offer suggestions to help you find the answers you need, within your time frame and budget. There is always something that can be done!

Consultation Services
Probate Services

Probate, Heir and Genealogy Investigations

We will help you find them when it matters most.

Security Services

Former United States Marine Corp, licensed guard available for your security needs, for single events, or ongoing assignments. If requested, we provide regular reports that will offer effective solutions when your needs and circumstances change.

  • Combined trained personnel with industry expertise and responsiveness
  • Local and site management anticipates and adapts to your needs
  • Business and personal security
  • Able to travel as needed
Security Services
Mass Tort

Mass Tort & Class Action Legal Support

We provide investigative support services for your Mass Tort and Class Action lawsuits.

In Addition To Our Core Services

Shannon Tulloss Investigations offers many ancillary services to clients on an as-needed basis. Some of these services include:

  • Neighborhood/witness canvassing
  • Witness interviews
  • Criminal and civil background checks
  • Jury selection vetting
  • Real Estate Investigations

We are a full-service, licensed detective agency with over 25 years of experience in a vast array of investigative matters. We will craft a specific work product for you that will meet your unique requirements.

Additional Services