Consultation Services

Our Consultation Services: Why This Is The Most Important Step

Let’s talk about you and your matter. Shannon Tulloss wants to consult with you so she can get to know you to better understand your challenges and concerns. Based on this counsel, she will craft a unique work product designed either for her or her team directed toward your desired outcome and budget. We will never deliver an unimaginative work product to you. We pride ourselves on helping our clients bring peace of mind back into their lives, and this is what fuels us.

Shannon has worked in the investigative industry since 1987 and has earned the reputation of using “soft skills” to effectively serve her clients and community. Schedule your free consultation with her using the link below, and let’s deliberate how we can help you find the answers that you need.

Let’s Determine The Best Investigative Path

Our consultation services are not sales pitches, we simply try to guide our clients and offer insight. We frequently find that they require a different investigative path that will lead them to their desired outcome than they think. The outcome they are typically looking for is the mitigation of potential damages or losses. Oftentimes our suggestions result in less expense, quicker, and more reliable results which we have been told is appreciated.

Consultation Services

We Specialize in Screening Talent, Influencers, and Promotional Finalists

One of our favorite services that we specialize in is screening and vetting on-air talent, social media influencers, and finalists for sweepstakes or promotions.  These promotional concepts can be life-changing for the participant and can provide fantastic positive press for the brand that can’t be replicated in another venue. It’s usually a win-win for everyone concerned. However, the past has shown us that merely running a desktop “nationwide criminal check” or a GOOGLE search on the individuals has backfired on the promoter, causing them at the least a legal headache and potentially a legal nightmare. We help our clients avoid legal drama and help ensure that the brand’s image is protected.

Client and Jury Vetting: Yes, you really should

Who are you putting on the stand? Are they still a match for your mass tort action? Is there a personal history or online content regarding them that may diminish the strength of our case in the eyes of the jury or judge? Frequently, months or years have passed since you first met your clients, and later some will sift out to be a better match for your specific lawsuit than others. We all know that the defendants will research your clients hoping to discover evidence about them that may mitigate their culpability in the eyes of the jury. We will tell you what they will discover about your client so you can determine if you’ll want to invest your capital in them.