Mass Tort & Class Action Legal Support

Our Research Investigations Include

Mass Tort Client Locates

If you have lost touch with your clients, we will find them, and help foster reconnection with you. If reconnection is not possible, we will report back to you why, so you can continue to focus on the clients who still want to move forward. If we are not able to locate them, then there is no fee, but this rarely happens since our cutting-edge resources are in a class of their own.

Mass Tort

Mass Tort Client vetting and backgrounding:

As you approach your important case management dates, we will vet your clients which will help you see if they are still an excellent match for your matter. We provide the intelligence for you to decide if you would like to continue to move forward by devoting your funding and efforts by putting them on the stand. This is one work product that we have crafted over the years and have provided for the entertainment community as well. The bottom line is, that some individuals are a good match for your matter, and some are a great match. We help you determine whom the public will best accept on your behalf.

Mass Tort Vetting Services

Complex Litigation Support:

  • Early case assessments
  • Investigating and researching claims
  • Identify and locate any key witness
  • Skip tracing
  • Scene investigations including travel as needed
  • Conduct factual research and gather relevant information from various resources (i.e., the Internet, libraries, etc.)
  • Open-Source Due Diligence
  • Human Intelligence Investigations
  • Class action and multidistrict litigation
  • Conduct background investigations
  • Uncover hard-to-find evidence
  • Perform targeted research using our premium resources
  • Fact check claims by opposing parties

We accept task assignments as well as ongoing file-handling assistance, sometimes lasting for years. We are in for the long haul, just as you are.

Mass Tort Litigation Services