Background & Vetting Services

Are you wondering about that person? Are they the best choice?

We offer specialized backgrounding and vetting services

In 1997, we were contacted by a television network to vet many promotional finalists for a home improvement show. They were concerned that there might be personal or legal issues in their favorite’s past that may result in bad press or a legal nightmare. Our research discovered many issues that might have reflected negatively on the brand, so they were grateful that they hired us. Since then, word got out and we have become the go-to agency for these unique investigations. We have vetted thousands of individuals, celebrities, charities, companies, entities, and even pets for similar considerations. We are happy to offer our uniquely crafted and time-tested work product for this specific purpose based on our experiences with these matters which can be used with:

  • Sweepstakes, and Contest Finalists
  • Influencer Vetting
  • On and Off-Camera Talent Vetting
  • Juror and Witness Vetting
  • Legal Proceedings Support and Fact Checking

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Background Vetting Services